Most-read articles of the week — December 12, 2010
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Most-read articles of the week — December 12, 2010

Top 10 in society.

1. Some statistics about the correct answers to the university entrance exams.

2. Netizens are fired up after watching a video of a woman causing a hit and run accident in an underground parking lot for her apartment building. They believe police have not taken the incident seriously enough, and of course are calling her λΊ‘μ†Œλ‹ˆλ…€ (hit and run girl).

3. A high school student was sexually molested on a bus, provoking outrage.

4. More on story #2.

5. A large gang of teenagers in Gangnam were arrested for a variety of crimes including assault and extortion.

6. A high school student who received an excellent score on the university entrance exams says she has never attended a hagwon.

7. More accusations of bad behavior against Choi Cheol-won, the chaebeol relative accused of beating a lorry driver with an aluminum baseball bat.

8. Another group of middle school students were arrested for crimes that included beating up a 15-year old, stealing his motorcycle, and threatening to make him drink urine.

9. A bear wandered into Seoul Grand Park.

10. A group of criminal mastermind English-speaking foreigners made a video of themselves smoking marijuana and taking pilopon in the smoking room at Incheon International Airport, then uploaded the video to Youtube.