Japanese fork makes eating spaghetti easier
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Japanese fork makes eating spaghetti easier

When I was younger I utilized one of two methods to eat my spaghetti. The first, although slightly unconventional, was the simple “cutting” method, which involved cutting the spaghetti so you can simply scoop it up with the fork. The other method, and perhaps the most popular one, is the “twirl” method, which involves stabbing a big ol’ hunk of pasta and twirling until there’s no chance it will fall off. Now I just grab it with my hands and cut out the middle man entirely.

Out with the old and in with the overly expensive and incredibly weird: The Calamete pasta fork set from Japan.


Pic: Weird Asia News.

Selling for a whopping $41 after shipping, this warped looking fork features what the company calls a “thumb” piece, which allows you to effectively twirl the pasta without running the risk of it falling off the fork. Apparently this problem warrants a unique stainless steal fork that looks like the trident of a thundering sea god.