Yellow shirts turn on Abhisit – Part II
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Yellow shirts turn on Abhisit – Part II


Today you have seen Abhisit’s true colours. Just being good-looking and good at talking is not always good for the people,” said Yellow leader Sondhi Limthongkul.
/>”It’s time for his backers to know the truth,” he told the crowd.

BP: Who could Sondhi be referring to here…..


‘The 2007 Constitution has been protected through the great struggles of the people and the loss of their lives.  How can we let a boy who only wishes to cling to the Prime Minister’s chair amend it and harm the country?  If this happens, the country will not survive.  The amendments are only to please the coalition parties.  I even wish that parliamentarians would adopt [red-shirt] Dr Weng Tojirakan’s version of the amendments, so that Prime Minister Abhisit would be branded as someone who harms the monarchy and the people, only to serve his ambition to hold on to power,’ Sondhi said.
/>Another PAD leader Praphan Koonmee then took the stage and said that if he was Army Chief, he would stage a coup today, and dared anybody to arrest him.
/>‘Those who wish to have a coup wish to see changes to the country, to get rid of bad politicians from the country.  If a coup really happens, you will only run scared with your tail between your legs.  Is it true that you have contacted universities abroad to find a teaching job after you fall from power?’ Praphan asked, referring to the PM.
/>‘What is wrong if I want a coup?  Without the coup, Abhisit would have still been a new boy.  Without the coup in 2006, Abhisit would never have become PM.  Without the PAD, Abhisit would never have become PM.  How come he talks in such an ungrateful manner to the people?’ he said, referring to Abhisit’s recent remarks that the PAD came out to protest the charter amendments this time in order to pave the way for another coup.

BP: And to think the PAD and Abhisit were so in sync in the past….