Bakra Eid: The cost of sacrifice
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Bakra Eid: The cost of sacrifice


According to the representative of a particular livestock association appearing on a Pakistani news channel 7.5 million animals will be sacrificed in Pakistan on Bakra Eid.I had absolutely no idea so many animals were sacrificed in the country, though the figure makes sense when you consider that it is still less than 5 percent of our total population.

So how much do all these animals cost?

Of the 7.5 million animals, 2.5 million are larger animals (mostly cows) and on average cost Rs. 75,000; while there are 5 million smaller animals (mostly goats) which on average cost Rs. 16,000.

The figure you get is an astonishing Rs. 262.5 bn or US$ 3.07 bn.

The cost of sacrificing the poor beasts, assuming that on average a kasai charges Rs. 1,200 for a goat and Rs. 5,000 for  a cow, is a cool Rs. 18.5 Billion or US$216 Million.

Fresh kaleji with paratha, priceless.