Morons, politicians, religion and carbon emissions
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Morons, politicians, religion and carbon emissions

US-bashing is a pretty common global sport, especially by those states who have practised mass murder in their own countries in one way or another. I won’t point any fingers, we all know who you are. I won’t even mention that lonely, plasticine man in North Korea

What has been apparant lately is that the latest administration, that of President Obama, was expected  to do better: in stopping wars, in being sympathetic to Islam (after all nearly half of US citizens think he is a muslim), in employment or in helping the US Olympic team run the 100 metres faster. Most of all, India and China and the rest of Asia thought he might do better in his green policies and make a serious move, like sign some international agreement.

What people in Asia often forget, probably because most of them don’t recognise the real concept or don’t believe it exists, is that the US democratic system blocks controversial policies by both the President and by the party dominating Congress (made up of the Senate and House of Representatives). Obama can simply refuse to sign a new law, or the Congressional majority can simply refuse to ratify the latest White House idea. Congress also influences, especially through budgets.

Now if you watch this, you’ll see what Obama is up against. This man, Illinois Republican Congressman John Simkus, is fairly representative of the intellectual capacity of the vocal and powerful electoral minority. Bear in mind he is lobbying for the Chairmanship of this important committee. This is how he views cutting carbon emissions, this is how he sees losing jobs because of a “clean air policy”. (Bear this in mind, Beijing) This is often the level of debate that a new thinker like Obama has to horse-trade against.

It is also a classic example of where, when a brain is removed and replaced by regurgitating endless passages from a religious text, sanity, honesty, opportunities for improvement and possibly the survival of the human race, disappear into the stratosphere like CFCs. This is a statement to the Energy and Environment Sub-Committee.

Christianity has its place, as has Islam. But this sort of mumbo-jumbo spouted daily by various religious nutters with political and military might on their side, anywhere in the world, should leave all of us with serious concerns. If ever there was a time to shout that US slogan about drug use, “Just say No “, it’s now. Unfortunately it sounds just as stupid and is likely to be just as effective as Mrs Nancy Reagan’s well-meaning but ignorant plea in 1996.