JFK International, Switzerland
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JFK International, Switzerland

Located in one of the most beautiful mountain villages in the Swiss Alps, JFK is a classic English language international boarding and day school that caters for 60 to 70 students between the ages of 5 and 14. Switzerland is synonymous with high quality boarding schools, and one of the reasons for this is JFK International.

While JFK is internationally renowned for its excellence in education, it prides itself on being a small family-style organization where children are treated as individuals. While JFK maintains the latest computer learning aids, the school considers the interaction between students and teachers to be the most important factor in developing the talents of every child.

The Kennedy School is an idyllic place for children to grow and develop. The curriculum at JFK is especially designed for international schools and provides students with many experiences through activities, excursions and sports. Fundamental to its success is the strong belief that each child is a unique individual with differing needs.

Teaching philosophy

This is where JFK International really starts to stand out. Upon entering the school, parents and students will see a beam inscribed with the words, “Of those to whom much is given, much is required.” It’s a biblical verse that was dear to namesake John F Kennedy. The administrators and teachers who work at the school believe that those with the opportunity to study at such a prestigious institute have a debt to society. It’s a powerful sentiment that underpins every aspect of life on campus.

The school’s curriculum embraces globalization and reflects the latest breakthroughs in teaching methods and classroom technology. A total of six classes have anywhere from 10 to 15 students each, ensuring that each child benefits from a high level of access to teachers and facilities.

In addition to studying English, mathematics, social studies, science and French, students are also immersed in the arts, including music and drama. Information technology and physical education also factor into the weekly course load.

Campus life

Students live in the boarding chalet, a rustic Bernese farmhouse that can house up to 30 boarders. Genders are separated by floor, and live-in house parents look after each student’s health and wellbeing.

The school is planted in Saanen, a forested and agricultural area. Students participate in sports and activities on campus, and roughly 40 planned activities involve hiking, visiting art galleries and attending festivals. On top of this, every class embarks on a six-day excursion during the final term.

Each student receives a weekly allowance and has the opportunity to head into Saanen or Gstaad for shopping and other low-key activities. Of course, children are closely supervised by teachers and staff regardless of where they venture.

To find out more about studying at JFK International, visit the website.