How to say ‘bribe’ in 20 languages
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How to say ‘bribe’ in 20 languages

BANGKOK — The 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference in this capital city of Thailand and Transparency International’s social media unit is attempting to spur interest outside of the event venue, making use of various social media tools. One of them is Twitter and we have been able to do something interesting about it since yesterday.

Corruption happens in all countries and, thanks to both IACC participants and those that are on Twitter, we have rounded up a list of words that mean bribe in 20 languages and dialects worldwide:

1. Italian: angente, mazette
/>2. Latvian: kukulis
/>3. Norwegian: bestikkelser
/>4. Bahasa Indonesia: suap, sogok
/>5. Hindi: rishwat, kannada
/>6. Malayalam: Kaikooli
/>7. Tamil: Lanjam
/>8. Marathi: Laats
/>9. Maranao: adat
/>10. Tausug: mag-ayus, ganda riba, riba
/>11. Brazilian: jeitinho
/>12. German: schmiergeld
/>13. Thai: sinbon
/>14. Sinhalese: Kappama
/>15. Nepali: Ghus
/>16. Urdu/Punjabi: rishwat, hirapiri
/>17. Spanish: soborno, mordida
/>18. Chinese: hui
/>19. Japanese: wairo
/>20. French: pot-de-vin

Aside from Maranao and Maguindanao, we Filipinos have many terms for “bribe”.

To join the IACC discussions on Twitter, use the hashtag #14iacc, and follow @14iacc to get the latest news and updates direct from Bangkok.

If you want to add to this list, please leave a comment here or tweet using the #14iacc hashtag.