Game-addicted teen kills mother, self
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Game-addicted teen kills mother, self

Original article in Korean is here.

A middle school student in Busan who was addicted to computer games strangled his mother to death after she had scolded him and then, overcome by guilt, hanged himself.

At approximately 7 am on the 16th, 43-year old Mrs. Kim’s daughter found her mother strangled on her bed in their Nam-gu apartment and her brother, 15-year old third-year middle school student “A”, hanged from the veranda by the wire for gas.

Mrs. Kim’s daughter said, “my mother sometimes scolded my brother for playing too many computer games and at 11 o’clock yesterday morning they had a shouting match, which I thought was just a normal one so I kept sleeping, but when I woke up in the morning my mother was lying on her bed, dead.”

According to police, ever since “A” was a young boy he loved computer games and sometimes quarreled over them with his mother, and as he got older he would threaten to attack her when they argued over it.

Police found a suicide note he wrote and left for his maternal grandmother, who lived with them.

The note said, “I had a fight with my mother over games and did something evil. I am sorry.”

Police are continuing to investigate and, based on the suicide note and statements from family members, believe that “A” killed his mother and then committed suicide when overcome with guilt.