Fordham University (Fordham Law School)
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Fordham University (Fordham Law School)

1289967786-807  The Fordham Law School is one of the nation’s most innovative and dynamic venues for aspiring lawyers to study. Students can enroll in full-time or part-time classes depending on their schedule, but regardless of their status, they benefit from cutting-edge scholarship, professors’ open-door policy and Bar preparation courses that cut to the quick of the exam. 

The LL.M program at Fordham emphasizes the issues that are most relevant to modern international lawyers. Students begin with an immersion in international law and then branch out into elective tracks that focus on anything from merger and acquisition agreements or commercial contract drafting to drafting in IP and IT. 

There’s no question that Fordham Law School is a shortlist candidate for best law school in the US. Just take the introduction of recently launched doctoral law program as an example. It confers the highest law degree available – and that’s something few law schools can offer. 

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fordham Law School is dynamic and entrepreneurial, and professors and course planners that work for the school are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their existing programs. 

For example, the school’s Summer Institute draws over 100 lawyers and students of law to the campus for a three-week seminar each year. These attendees hail from all over the world, and they’re typically taken with the university from week one. This inevitably boosts international enrollment, which in turns fleshes out the existing law programs and adds a level of diversity and international perspective that enhances everyone’s learning experience. 

1290057650-415  But it takes more than a diverse student body to keep a 21st-century law school in motion. Fordham constantly implements new ideas that are transforming modern law practice. The latest of these is the first Fashion Law Institute in the nation, which goes into full swing in 2011.  

A Sense of Family 

As a student at Fordham University School of Law, you’ll be part of a tight-knit family. The country is full of schools that claim to offer a cozy community atmosphere, but the fact is that it’s hard to deliver the genuine product. 

You’ll be brought into the family from day one. Each incoming student is assigned a “buddy” at the start of the LL.M. program, and this person can help with anything from integrating into campus to finding the best grocer. Fordham also offers student groups like the Global Law Society to help foster a sense of belonging. 

Professors in the School of Law are highly accessible. The assistant dean for international and non-JD programs invites every single LL.M. student to lunch during the winter. They go in groups of six to eight and get to know each other as well as their administrators. And if any of this sounds too formal to be family-like, the school hosts a regular happy hour at a local bar. One way or another, you’ll always be aware that you’re a welcome member of an extraordinary community.  


If you want to find out more about studying at Fordham Law School, you can visit the website here