Did corruption triumph with Maria Ressa’s departure from ABS-CBN?
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Did corruption triumph with Maria Ressa’s departure from ABS-CBN?

This question nagged me as I was reading a story on www.abs-cbnnews.com, the news site of Philippine broadcasting giant ABS-CBN, about the legacy Maria Ressa left behind at the network, where she worked for much of the past decade as vice-president for news and current affairs. By many accounts, Ressa revolutionized the network, quickened its journalistic pace and made the organization much more professional.

1288746089-33   But in the story written by Katherine Visconti, a Princeton-in-Asia fellow, Ressa was quoted as practically saying that the network had been so corrupt before she came in and that she struggled hard to cleanse it. With her mysterious departure from the network, coupled with gossip that old network denizens with quite unsavory reputations are said to be coming back on board, was Ressa saying in effect that corruption triumphed and that’s why she’s no longer with the network?

And those who left the network when she came in — Is she saying that they were corrupt?

“You can not have a professional news group if you’re for sale…Change is hard…People didn’t like it. The people who benefited lost income….Before I joined ABS-CBN, I was the friend of everyone….When I joined ABS-CBN after I started making the move, boy, I cannot count the number of enemies that started racking up,” Ressa said in the story.


And the story goes on to say that the ethical changes she wanted to institute at the network was met with resistance.

So what is she saying? That happy days are back again at the network, that we should now again take everything ABS-CBN says with lots of grain of salt?