The top 6 social networks in India
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The top 6 social networks in India

Social Media is the next big thing in India after cricket and Bollywood, and we are only getting started. With a total of only 16 million Internet subscriptions and users ranging from 50 million to 80 million, the real fun has just begun. As per the new report from ViziSense, social media reaches 60 percent of the online audience.

Facebook and Orkut dominate dominate 90 percent of the Indian social media space which are followed by iBibo, Twitter, LinkedIn and BharatStudent. Facebook, which overtook Orkut in May 2010, has 22.1 million users. Twitter, for all the hype, has seen its growth has seen drop from May to June followed by a rise from June to July. Overall Twitter growth is slowing down.

Top 6 Social networks of India :

  1. Facebook : 22.1 million users 
  2. Orkut : 18.5 million users 
  3. Ibibo:  3.56 million users 
  4. Twitter :   3.14 million users
  5. LinkedIn :   2.95 million users
  6. BharatStudent :  ~ 2.95 million users.




Orkut and Facebook together control 90% of the social media space.

50-60 percent of users use both Orkut and Facebook. This might soon change as Facebook is growing in popularity and Orkut isn’t doing anything to stem the outflow. I would fall in the 50-60 percent who visit both Orkut and Facebook. I cannot remember when I lasted visited Orkut, but I can say that it feels like years ago. I simply stopped going to Orkut.



An average of 20 percent of social media users are female and 80 percent are male. A big gap for which I cannot find an explanation.


50-60 percent of the users across the social networks are from rest of India. Which signifies the popularity of social media in tier-2 cities and the internet usage across these sites.


User engagement

Facebook is the most engaging site with 975 seconds spent on the site per visit. Much of Facebook’s user engagement can be attributed to its applications.


Facebook applications

India, which supports many of its citizens through farming, has taken a liking to online farming too. Close to a million Facebook users subscribe to Farmville – a very popular social game. Mafia Wars comes in as a distant second. Farmville is especially popular in the age group of 25-34. Mobile access to the social networking apps is not clearly distinguished in the report.

Highest activity on these sites is recorded between 6-10pm and viewing photos is the most popular activity on both Facebook and Orkut.