Thai independent agencies splurge $3.3m on Mercedes
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Thai independent agencies splurge $3.3m on Mercedes

Matichon on October 27 reports on the purchases of motor vehicles by the National Human Rights Commission. Key excerpt:

Mercedes Benz, value 3,690,000 baht (US$123,082), purchased on September 8, 2009
/>Mercedes Benz, value 13,198,000 baht (US$439,992), purchased on September 28, 2009
/>BMW, value 3,250,000 baht, purchased on September 28, 2009

Toyota Vellfire, value 3,299,500 baht, purchased on September 28, 2009

The next day, the Secretary-General of the NHRC clarified that the 13,198,000 Baht purchase was for the purchase of four vehicles and not one. He also stated that it was in accordance with the Cabinet resolution which allowed the chairman of an independent agency a vehicle to the value of 3,900,000 baht and normal members a car to the value of 3,300,000 Baht.

Matichon also has the details for the other independent agencies: the Constitution Court, 13 vehicles for around 40 million Baht; three vehicles for the National Counter-Corruption Commission at just under 10 million baht; just over 7 million baht for two vehicles for the Election Commission; over 20 million baht for a dozen vehicles for the Administrative Court.

BP: In total, for all the agencies, we are looking at 100 million baht ($3.3m). Actually, the Administrative Court is the only one that isn’t going for the 3 million+ plus per car deal with most of their cars under 1.5 million baht. BP doesn’t expect them to be driving pick-up trucks, but 3 million baht Mercedes? Are they really necessary? Couldn’t they go for a cheaper model, say a 1.4 million baht Toyota Camry?

btw, should note many of the cars were purchased in the past and not just in the last year or so….

h/t @ThaiTalk