Union sticks up for sex offender teachers
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Union sticks up for sex offender teachers

Original article in Korean is here. I’ll give them one thing, this is a union with some serious chutzpah.

The Gangwon-do unit of the Korean Teachers’ and Education Workers’ Union has sent to the Gangwon-do Office of Education its 2010 list of demands for collective bargaining, which includes items related to allowing the continued employment of education workers invovled in embezzlement, grade adjustment, and even sex offenses. The demands have been conveyed three times to the superintendant of schools.

On October 11 National Assembly Representative Kim Se-yeon (Grand National Party), a member of the comittee on education, science, and technology, said of the collective bargaining demands, which his office has received, that the union is demanding the elimination of indefinite transference of educational workers punished for offenses, including embezzlement, grade adjustment, and sex offenses, that have no relationship to their schools or work duties. This would appear to lay the foundation for the continued employment of teachers who commit felonies if those crimes bear no relation to their schools or work duties.

Rep. Kim said, “their requests are so shocking the office of education confirmed them twice, and was told that there is no mistake, these are really their demands… I want to know how can grade adjustment have no relation to the school. As for the sex offenses, even if they’re not committed against a student, the students will be upset if the teacher isn’t transferred… they have lost all common sense.”

Other demands include allowing teachers to obtain further training, making evaluations on the basis of agreements rather than the results of training, and ending evaluations of work performance. Also, union representatives at each school should be allowed to decide whether or not to take on certain teaching duties in order to concentrate on their union activities.

Rep. Kim said, “when a superintendendant of schools from the Union was elected, the Union acted as if it had no restraints and is now making demands devoid of common sense.”