Rosé Revolution
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Rosé Revolution


For the last few years, my husband Steve and I have been totally committed to what we would call ‘proper’ Rosé, and we are not alone. We love the wines of Tempier and many other producers in Bandol and Provence and we love that it can be a serious wine, but not to be taken too seriously.

However, it can be confusing for consumers to know which are the drier, more savoury styles of Rosés as compared to the sweeter, lighter style. Both have their place but for us personally, we want to create interest in the dry, preferably pale pink, balanced Rosés.

Hence the Rosé Revolution. This has been set up to spread the message about beautiful, textural Rosé that is such a joy to drink and in the process, get more people enjoying this style of wine this season.

The Rosé Revolution is not meant to be elitist but rather about informing consumers on what to expect. A Rosé which is paler in colour should signify a dry, textural balanced wine. Let the very pink and irridescent colours speak their own message.

There are lots of exciting initiatives being planned to get everyone on board with tastings, dinners, Rosé and food matching, taste’n’tweets and so on. A website is currently in production but in the meantime click here for the facebook page  or click here for the twitter link

To kick off the celebrations, there is an international Taste and Tweet  on the 30th November 2010, just before the official start of the Australian summer. 

You can participate in the fun too. Buy a bottle (or two) of Rosé to share with some friends and jump onto facebook and/or twitter to join the chatter on all things pink.


Leanne De Bortoli

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