Wyoming is adventure
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Wyoming is adventure

Chances are, if you’ve heard of Wyoming, images of the “wild west,” never-ending views, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons fill your imagination.  No question, these images are part of our history, our heritage and our surroundings.  Wyoming is more than a good vacation spot.  For me and my family it is home, and for more than 700 students from nearly 90 countries at the University of Wyoming, it’s a home away from home.

How does a student find themselves attending the University of Wyoming?  After all, Wyoming is the least populated state in the United States, with just around 550,000 people.  Laramie, home of UW, is around 27,000 people, many of which are affiliated with the university in some way.  It’s not a metropolitan locale, but it provides a unique western charm, a practical attitude, and amazing access to Rocky Mountain recreation to all those adventurous enough to live and learn here.   The bottom line, is that UW has always had the ability to attract a global student body who seek the feeling of community and belonging while studying far away from home.

More on this idea of adventure…  Any experience studying away from home will provide adventure.  Around every corner you’ll find something you’ve never seen or done before.  You’ll probably learn that much of it was never worth seeing or doing to begin with, but you do it with the hope that one or two of those experiences will help shape your view on the world and your own life.  Admittedly, I am a biased blogger, but I’d challenge you to find a university experience that will be more adventurous than coming to the United States, and studying in Wyoming.

Over the next several weeks, I’ve invited UW students and professors from various countries to blog about their “adventures” at the University of Wyoming, all with the hope that you’ll take the time to learn more about our home, and our university.


Noah Buckley, Director of Admissions, University of Wyoming