The best of @thanongk’s tweets
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The best of @thanongk’s tweets

Twitter has taken a while to establish itself in Thailand but this year has finally seen the service make a big splash in the country, alongside Facebook, thanks mainly to the role social networking and other new media services in the reporting of the Red Shirt protests in Bangkok earlier this year.

The most obvious use of Twitter has been by the media in Thailand, with many journalists using new media to grow their ‘online presence’ and reputation, to the extent that many Thai journalists enjoy fairly sizeable profiles. Standing out from crowd, in every sense of the word, is @thanongk, the managing editor of English-language newspaper The Nation.


Thanong is like online Marmite, loved and hated in large quantities, there is pretty much no in between – though his ‘interesting take on things’ tend to make him a figure of derision or argument.

To see exactly why he is so notorious there is a Facebook note, created by Prach Panchakunathorn, which includes a list of @thanongk’s most ‘memorable’ tweets.

Check it out here, a short preview of some is below:

ThanongK on democracy

Don’t be misled by Freedom, Human rights, Democracy, globalisation and other crazy fashionable ideas. They are poisonous and hollow. 11:05 AM Jun 30th  via  TweetDeck 

If we don’t understand our strength in Sukhothai, phor phiang model and Buddhist’s metta, we’ll get confused with Democracy and the like. 11:14 AM Jun 30th  via TweetDeck

If the individual ants ask for freedom and Democracy, they won’t survive. 9:30 AM Jul 21st  via  TweetDeck

@MarcusBurtBKK   Democracy promotes freedom, mostly irresponsible freedom. People will overstretch this freedom to extreme. 9:27 AM Jul 21st  via  TweetDeck   in reply to MarcusBurtBKK

Anyone got a personal favourite @thanongk classic to share?

Also, worth highlighting that Thanong has the honour of a parody account (@notthanongk) and has been the subject of a Bangkok Pundit post.