Pakistan floods: How to help
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Pakistan floods: How to help

NOWSHERA, PAKISTAN - AUGUST 3: People line up to receive water relief supplies from a local charity on August 3, 2010 in Pabi near to Nowshera, Pakistan. Residents, in dire need of basic relief supplies like water and food, continued to forage through their belongings affected by the country's worst floods since 1929, according to officials. Heavy monsoon rains have triggered severe, deadly flooding in Northwest Pakistan, claiming the lives of more than 1,100 people and forcing thousands from their homes. The United Nations estimates that around one million people nationwide are affected by the disaster. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Over 1400 people have lost their lives, more than four million  have been effected. Please donate generously and help spread the plea of the flood victims of Pakistan.

 Below is a list of organizations working on ground for flood relief in various parts of the country. I plan to add more names and details to the list as I find out. For now this is the list with all necessary information for donations. Please help as much as you can!

Al-Khidmat Foundation

Donate Generously to Support
Soneri Bank Limited.
Bank Information
02011459382 Pak rupees
02180030740 US $
02190005108 Pound Sterling
02200003782 Euro
Main Branch, Branch code :001
Soneri Bank Ltd. 87- Shahrahe Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore

Edhi Foundation

USA – Edhi Center

USA Edhi international Foundation. 
42-07 National street 
Corona, New York, 11368 USA 
Tel: (718) 639-5120 
Fax:(718) 335-1978 
Toll Free# 1-888-899-EDHI (3344)

United Kingdom

Edhi International Foundation,
316 Edgware Road,
London W2 1DY,
United Kingdom
Tel: 02077232050 and Fax: 02072249774


Bilquis Edhi Charitable Shop
1801-1805 Danforth Ave
Toronto-M4C-1J2 Canada
Phone/Fax: +1 (416) 699-1388
Also include the following above the international addresses:



Japan Edhi International Foundation, 
RM 101 COPO Nikkei, 1-25 4-Chome, 
Minami-ohi Shinagawa -KU-Tokyo 140 Japan.


Australia Abdul Sattar Edhi International Foundation, 
Level 20, Picadly tower, 
133, Castle Reagh Street, Sydney 2000, 
Tel: 02-2646499, 03-3767-7282 
Fax: 03-3764-4395, 02-264-7337


Bangladesh Edhi International Foundation Inc, 
2/2 Purana palton, 3 rd Floor, 
Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh

 Pakistan Red Cresent Society


PRCS National Headquarters, H-8, Islamabad.
Ph: +92-51-9250404-5
Fax: +92-51-9250408
PRCS Punjab Provincial Branch,
Red Crescent Building,
2 Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah, Lahore.
Tel: 042-6304702 , 6304703
Fax :042-6312253
PRCS Sindh Provincial Branch,
Hilal-e Ahmar House, Main Clifton Road, Karachi. 
Fax :021-5830376 
PRCS N.W.F.P. Branch, Dabgari Gardens, Peshawar.
TEL: 091-210836 
Fax :091-210836 
PRCS Balochistan Provincial Branch, Alamo Chowk, Airport Road, Quetta.
Fax :081-826032 

Disaster Management & Logistic Support Center PRCS AJK Upper Chattar,
Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir)

Tel :058810-33567-8

Fax ::058810-34813


Future Leaders Of Pakistan
A wholesale dealer (Punjab Rice Store, Markaz G-9 Karachi Company) Mohammed Tahir (0512262176 & 03005800503) has quoted the following rates which are inclusive of labour and packing charges, and will be ready for collection two days after the order is placed. 

The prices he quoted comes to approximately Rs 1500 per household package that lasts around 12 days for a household of seven to eight people, and includes:

2 kg daal chana/maash @ Rs. 56/kg = Rs. 112
2 kg lobia @ Rs. 80/kg = Rs. 160
5 kg rice @ Rs. 50/kg = Rs. 250
2 kg sugar @ Rs. 70/kg = Rs. 140
0.5 kg tea @ Rs. 400/kg = Rs. 200
1 kg Nestle Everyday @ Rs. 372/kg = Rs. 372
2.5 liters Cooking Oil (Pakwan) Rs. 265
Total Rs. 1499 per package.

Note that “Nestle Everyday” contains sugar hence it is more expensive than bulk powdered milk.

An NGO in Charsadda UM Healthcare Trust ( is asking for baby/infant formula milk ASAP (at least one truckload)

As for clean water, we recommend water purification tablets instead of bottled mineral water. The tablets might be more cost effective.

If you want to procure the materials yourself the location of this store is in G-9 Markaz. When you approach Karachi Company/G-9 Markaz from Ibn i Seena Road, turn onto Mangla Road. Then in front of Bank Al-falah turn onto Rohtas Road. You will pass a mosque on your left, followed by a car dealership (Usama Motors) and the Muslim Driving School. Turn into the lane along the driving school. In front will be a pan shop (Mujeeb Pan House). Punjab Rice Mills is located opposite the pan shop. 

Please donate to help the survivors and victims of the horrendous floods, and try to spread the word as much as possible!

For information and donations, please contact:
Usama Khilji 0332.513.3506
Zain Saadullah Khan 0345.856.2843
Atif Siddique 0333.555.2843
Waleed Riaz 0334.517.4577

Pakistan Youth Alliance:

 Pakistani Youth

You can help us by:
1) Volunteering
2) Being a part of the campaign
3) Donations (Monetary and Relief Items)

or Email at
Main Campaign: ent.php?eid=14036456598648 3&ref=ts

 Rescue and Relief work (An independent group of students)

TITL AC : Muhammad Usman Khan
Allied bank, Westridge 3, Allahabad road,
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
AC # 01-200-1322-9
Branch code # 0755

First step:

Visit affected people, Find out the needs of the survival, Provide the basic needs of life, that is :
1 – Food
2 – Sheltor
3 – Cloths
4 – Water
5 – Electricity
6 – Carpets


Islamic Help (England)


You can put money directly into our bank account 

Name: Islamic Help
Bank: HSBC    
Account No: 41687425
Sort Code: 40-42-12                 

If you are in a country other than the UK, you can go into any bank in the world and quote the following International Bank Account 

Number (IBAN) and Branch Identifier Code (BIC)

IBAN: GB 72 MIDL 404212 41687425
BIC:  MIDL GB 2155 G 

Donate Online 


For online donations:


Donate Online

UNHCR Canada

Donate Online


Donate Online

United Nations World Food Programme

Donate Online

Islamic Relief USA

Donate Online

International Medical Corps

Donate Online

The International Rescue Committee

Donate Online



Islamic Relief USA

Donate Online

International Medical Corps

Donate Online

The International Rescue Committee

Donate Online

Muslim Aid (England)

Donate Online

Muslim Hands

Donate Online

Save the Children

Donate Online