William Angliss Institute
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William Angliss Institute

Every year, some 18,000 students receive specialized training in hospitality, tourism and culinary arts at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia. This vocational training center offers everything from short-term classes to four-year degrees, and the entire Pacific-Asia region has taken notice.

Sir William Charles Angliss founded the institute in 1940. Since then, the institute has grown into a leader in hospitality vocational training, regularly winning awards in Victoria and abroad for its cutting-edge facilities and student-centered teaching techniques.



Course options at William Angliss Institute include programs in resort management, patisserie, event planning, hospitality, franchising, tourism and business along with many others. As a student, you also have the option to pursue a combined degree by choosing two of the following three overarching study tracks: hospitality and tourism, commercial cookery and patisserie. 

These academic programs have a strong reputation internationally, and you’ll find that your time at the William Angliss Institute opens opportunities across Asia and the Pacific. The institute actively participates in programs hosted in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore and many Pacific islands, which translates into high-profile name recognition across the continent.

Campus Life

The Student Activities Centre is the focal point of campus life. The Multipurpose Room can be booked by individuals or groups that want to play video games or watch movies on an LCD flatscreen. Campus activities are also hosted here on a regular basis. The best way to find out what’s going on in a given month is to pick up a copy of The Wrap Up student newsletter.

The William Angliss Institute is on La Trobe Street, a major artery through Melbourne’s central business district. The metro connects to all quarters of Melbourne, so you’ll have easy access to the city’s exciting nightlife and festival scene.


Faculty & Staff
The William Angliss Institute is well-connected to an international network of hotels and service providers, and course planners maintain ultra-modern facilities on par with those used by industry leaders. You’ll be learning insider strategies and techniques that you can put to use in cutting-edge training kitchens, food labs and other facilities.

The total number of academic and support staff exceeds 400. These instructors have unrivaled industry experience, but they’re also carefully selected for their passion and ability for teaching. Better yet, the contacts that they have established in the hospitality industry mean their students are among the first considered for leading hospitality and tourism positions around the world.

Life after William Angliss Institute
This is where the William Angliss Institute really delivers results. More than 96 percent of all graduates join the work force or commit to further study within six months of course completion. This success rate is much higher than that of the institute’s competitors, making the school a top choice for prospective students all across the Asia Pacific region.

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