WikiLeaks and Afghanistan: The fallout continues
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WikiLeaks and Afghanistan: The fallout continues

The United States war effort in Afghanistan was roiled over the weekend by the WikiLeaks release of 75,000 official military documents pertaining to the war, which add up to a far more dire portrait than the Obama and Bush administrations had ever made public.

A key aspect of the leaked documents is that they point repeatedly to Pakistan’s spy service, the ISI, as a major collaborator with the Afghan Taliban. 

“If all of the media stories to date have not been clear enough, the WikiLeaks documents describing in great detail how active Pakistan’s ISI has been in supporting and even managing the Afghan Taliban leave little room for doubt—the United States is basically at war in Afghanistan with elements of the Pakistan government,” noted Asia Society Executive Vice President Jamie Metzl. “Unless this is changed and governance within Afghanistan improves significantly, there is no chance for anything resembling success in Afghanistan, and American public support for the war will collapse.”

“WikiLeaks may not be the Pentagon Papers,” Metzl continued, “but the current situation of a military holding on in a far-away war and a disillusioned American public no longer willing to shoulder the burden is starting to look eerily familiar.”