Washington Post to Abhisit : Elections are needed for reconciliation
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Washington Post to Abhisit : Elections are needed for reconciliation

The Washington Post in an editorial:


On July 6, Mr. Abhisit renewed a state of emergency in Bangkok and 18 other provinces, allowing his regime to arrest and hold people without charge, censor the media and prevent public gatherings. Meanwhile, he has announced that the parliamentary elections he had offered to hold in November will be postponed until next year. If this is what he calls “national reconciliation,” Mr. Abhisit, a graduate of Eton and Oxford, must have taken a lesson in Orwellian language.
/>Mr. Thaksin and the red shirts have contributed to Thailand’s impasse by blockading the center of Bangkok for two months last spring and for refusing the compromise Mr. Abhisit offered before the violence began and the army moved in. But the root cause of the troubles is the refusal of the traditional political class, the military and the royal court, which Mr. Abhisit’s government represents, to accept the results of democratic elections.

Repression will not solve this problem. If Mr. Abhisit really wants reconciliation, the steps he must take are clear: End the state of emergency, release the red shirt leaders and negotiate leading to elections, with a commitment by all sides to allow the winners to rule within the boundaries of a reformed constitution.

BP: Strong words from the Washington Post.

btw, Earlier in the editorial it states “… the unelected government of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva”. This is factually wrong. Now, there are certainly questions on the legitimacy of the government and the role of the military in making Newin & the coalition partners offers-they-couldn’t-refuse to cajole them into forming a government, but Abhisit was elected by MPs in parliament in accordance with the law.