The Art Institutes
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The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes is a North American chain of educational centers. In all, there are more than 45 branches scattered across the US and Canada. The International Culinary Schools operate through the Arts Institutes and is one of the most successful chains of culinary schools in North America.

With so many branches across the continent, the International Culinary Schools are particularly accessible. Campuses are in or near major cities, so it’s easy to find a branch in a part of the US or Canada that you’re most interested in experiencing.

A culinary education from the Arts Institute can follow several different tracks. These include degrees in culinary arts, culinary management or hospitality management. You can also specialize in wine and spirits or baking and pastry.

Several programs are offered through the International Culinary Schools of the Arts Institute. Students can pursue associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, or they can supplement their education with certificate courses. Students with plenty of discipline can complete a bachelor’s degree in as little as three years by opting for year-round study.

Campus Life
The fact that there are so many branches across the continent means that most students commute. However, the major satellites of the Arts Institutes have dormitories so that you can enjoy a full on-campus experience.
You’ll be encouraged to get involved with campus activities while studying at the Arts Institutes. The specifics vary from one campus to the next, but most include favorites like the Young Chef’s Society along with staples like the student council and various athletic clubs. There’s also the opportunity to start your own club or organization.

Faculty & Staff
As the name implies, the International Culinary Schools explore culinary traditions from around the world. As a result, the faculty and staff hail from all corners of the world, sharing their own culinary techniques and secrets.

You’ll find that each institute has world-class facilities including modern training kitchens that utilize the latest technology. Your teachers will devote plenty of class time to making sure you’ve got the culinary theory down, but the emphasis is definitely on hands-on learning. 

Life after the Art Institutes

Out of the 45 Arts Institutes in North America, more than 30 offer coursework from the International Culinary Schools. That makes this the most extensive network of culinary schools on the planet. Once you graduate, you’ll be near an Arts Institutes resource center wherever you end up, which means networking your way to challenging well-paid positions is easy across the US and Canada.

There’s more demand than ever for highly qualified chefs and hospitality managers. Former graduates from the International Culinary Schools have gone on to take high-profile positions and even star in chef reality shows on television. Chances are, you’ve seen some of their graduates on Iron Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. 

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