Thai blogger who received pardon speaks out
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Thai blogger who received pardon speaks out

Thai blogger Suwicha Thakhor was arrested in January 2009 under the Computers Crimes Act for for some images he created which were deemed insulting to the Thai royal family. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail in April 2009. Also, see this post for some commentary on Suwicha’s case. As noted in a post yesterday, Suwicha was pardoned and released from prison on Monday.

Now, Reporters Without Borders has a brief interview with Suwicha:

Reporters Without Borders welcomes the pardon that King Bhumibol Adulyadej issued on 28 June to Suvicha Thakhor, who was serving a 10-year jail sentence on a lèse majesté charge for allegedly using software to modify photos of the royal family before posting them online.

“Prison was very tough,” Suvicha told Reporters Without Borders after his release. “At first I was completely shattered. I hit rock bottom. I had to fight to survive. Fortunately my family visited me often. I kept going by following the teachings of Buddhism and practising meditation. I now feel fine but I have lost my job. I will probably become a monk for a while.”

Suvicha added: “It pains me to think of the four or five other people who are still in prison on lèse majesté charges, the political prisoners and other detainees. The current situation in Thailand is very worrying. It is a difficult time for the country. I thank all those who helped me, including Reporters Without Borders, for keeping up the pressure all the time I was held.”

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