India to Indiana: International Student Perspective
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India to Indiana: International Student Perspective

Tanumoy Pati wants prospective IUPUI Computer Science students to know – Indianapolis is a vibrant, livable city with a lot to offer. As an international student from Kolkata, West Bengal India, now a second-year MS student in Computer Science at IUPUI, Tanumoy should know. He lives downtown Indy (Indianapolis) near the IUPUI campus.

Tanumoy adjusted to life in the United States by reaching out to the many cultural organizations at IUPUI.  He connected with the Indian Student Advisory Council, which along with the Indian Student Cultural Association, is one of two organizations that hosts events for Indian students. Both groups have strong memberships at IUPUI and are among over 200 academic and student organizations serving students’ interests.  Cultural groups are also found for students coming from African countries, the Caribbean, China, Iran, and many other parts of the world.

During his time at IUPUI, Tanumoy has cheered on the Indianapolis Colts football team, rooted for Chatham FC, and strolled the downtown canal in the late evening.  Indianapolis is the nation’s 13th largest city, with almost 2 million people in the metropolitan area, yet it is easily accessible and has a small town, friendly feel.  Museums, cultural activities, grocery stores, parks, and upscale restaurants are a short bus ride or walk away for Tanumoy.  IUPUI and Indianapolis are a great fit for students who are used to a busy, urban center, yet want a safe environment and a low cost of living.

As his final semesters in the program approach, Tanumoy looked back on his time at IUPUI, “The program has been highly flexible, allowing me to explore my own interests in computer science.  I’ve worked with the faculty and staff quite closely, and been able to support myself financially while on campus, even without a full assistantship.”  He went on to say, “IUPUI and Indianapolis offer a wide variety of opportunities to grow and develop your skills, and prepare for a truly global workforce.  My colleagues have taken up exciting positions in industry at some of the world’s leading companies, such as Microsoft, Dell, Google, and Yahoo.  I look forward to joining them soon.”


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Tanumoy Pati will graduate with a Master of Science in Computer Science in May 2011.