Hospitality Training Institute (HTI)
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Hospitality Training Institute (HTI)


1278674964-262  A newcomer to the Washington DC metropolitan area, the Hospitality Training Institute (HTI) opened in 2008 in order to provide the DC area with higher caliber service professionals. The only one of its kind in the District, the institute offers advanced courses and workshops in multiple service-related fields.  

The HTI facility in Alexandria, Virginia is state-of-the-art. Most of the courses are offered on site, with a few staged at hospitality sites in Washington DC and Baltimore. Courses are competitively priced for the level of training and expertise available. Select programs can be taken for less than $100, making this one of the most affordable ways a person can launch or enhance a career in hospitality and service.  


Classes at the Hospitality Training Institute provide formalized training in areas that include bartending at banquets, dealing rules and techniques for casinos and French tableside service. The focus is on improving the skills of service professionals, with students mastering techniques that include artfully mixing cocktails or managing a baccarat table. 

The focus is on practical training methods, so that students can quickly learn new skills and polish existing ones that are directly relevant to the hospitality and gaming industry. Courses are highly targeted and yield quick results at affordable prices. 

Campus Life

As an institute, HTI doesn’t have a university-style campus, but the local neighborhood is an exciting place to live and work. Alexandria has an attractive historic district, traversed by King Street with its cafés, boutiques and pubs. Washington DC is only a short metro ride away, and students of HTI enjoy access to one of the most exciting and well-connected night scenes in the US.  

Faculty & Staff

Alex Atwood oversees the courses at the Hospitality Training Institute. He has years of direct experience working for high-profile hospitality firms in the DC metropolitan area, and the highly skilled instructors that teach at the institute come from similar backgrounds. 

Students enrolled in ongoing courses and one-day workshops at HTI learn the concepts of hospitality from experts with an intimate understanding of industry demands. The curriculum is developed by instructors at the institute, and the methods used are one-of-a-kind. 

Life after the Hospitality Training Institute

As a graduate of the Hospitality Training Center, you’ll have more than a certificate that attests to your training. You’ll have well-cultivated skills that are only available through working closely with seasoned hospitality professionals. 

Newcomers to the service industry go on to secure competitive positions, while professionals looking to develop their skills consistently land more competitive service positions in Washington DC. Locally, HTI is already piecing together an impressive legacy in the metropolitan area, with graduates literally raising standards at banquets, fine-dining restaurants and nearby casinos. 

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