Hong Kong Culinary Academy
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Hong Kong Culinary Academy

The Hong Kong Culinary Academy has worked with the hospitality industry in Hong Kong for years, offering certification and training courses to enhance the skill set of local hotel and restaurant staff. Recently, the academy has branched out and now offers full-time degree courses for students hoping to take high-profile positions in China’s growing tourism and hospitality scene.

The academy offers a variety of courses. As a full-time student, you can major in Hotel Culinary Management, which follows the same syllabus as the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. This degree will equip you with the expertise and practical know-how to work with top-tier restaurants across the world.

The other major offering at the Hong Kong Culinary Academy is a two-month intensive Bakery and Patisserie certificate course. Courses are taught in Cantonese, but English is used for real-time practice in the kitchen. This is a great stepping stone for students in Hong Kong, who benefit from instruction in their native language while getting plenty of on-the-job practice speaking English in a results-intensive environment.

Campus Life
Hong Kong Culinary Academy partners with Penasia School of Continuing Education, and many of the events and social functions planned at the academy take place on Penasia’s campus. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with students of many different backgrounds.

And then there is the world-class entertainment scene of Hong Kong. Few cities can rival Hong Kong when it comes to exploring new cultures and enjoying world-class nightlife. During the weekend, students from the academy regularly get together for drinks in Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai. 

Faculty & Staff
The faculty at Hong Kong Culinary Academy represent some of the most successful culinary artists in the world. Hong Kong is a world-class tourism and business destination, and local hotels regularly host major five-star banquets and galas. This fosters demand for highly qualified professionals, attracting the best chefs and kitchen managers from around the world.

By studying with these highly qualified professionals, you can rest assured that your training will be as much about the latest culinary theory as it is about practical, hands-on knowledge. There is no substitute for working directly under the mentorship of a seasoned chef, and Hong Kong Culinary Academy sees to it that each student receives close and personal instruction.

Life after Hong Kong Culinary Academy
The core objective of Hong Kong Culinary Academy is to raise the profile of Western cuisine among aspiring professionals in Hong Kong. With this in mind, you’ll graduate from the academy with a diploma or certificate that guarantees your readiness to take on a high-pressure in an international hotel.

Graduates of the academy go on to work for or even found award-winning restaurants in Hong Kong. They also take their skills abroad, assuming lucrative careers across Asia as well as in Europe or North America.

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