The Uniqlo Sportweet Mash-Up
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The Uniqlo Sportweet Mash-Up

Japanese high street fashion outlet Uniqlo is becoming increasingly visible on social media networks, particularly Twitter where its virtual fashion line generated considerable interest.

It’s latest stunt is Sportweet which, as the name suggests, brings Twitter and sports (timely given the focus on the football world cup) together. More information comes from Asiajin.

Your tweets are visually designed with some athletes, such like a soccer player, a tennis player, a sprinter, etc.

Your twitter messages are analysed by its activity, popularity, power, spirit and speed and score will be given.


What does Uniqlo get from this?

The service is about brand association, linking Uniqlo to ongoing sports events – including the World Cup, Wimbledon Tennis and US Major Golf – and positioning it as one that ‘gets’ Twitter, social media and the web.

In providing scores and a competitive element, Uniqlo is trying to encourage users to spread word of/and content from Sportweet to others using Twitter, in the hope of increasing its brand name and association with sports and Twitter.

Sportweet was launched in conjunction with the brands new sports line although no specific products are pushed in the service. Some may argument this is a wasted opportunity, perhaps a money off token, line preview or other exclusive content could be push out but, with Uniqlo focused on long term social media brand building, Sportweet focuses on the aesthetics of the technology and the brand association while avoiding  looking too ‘salesy’.

My scores are pretty woeful, without  context, though despite poor spirit and low popularity I still managed to hit the top 50 with 560 out of 1,000.

It is just a bit of fun but it is slick, well executed presentation from a brand that is making waves online. Expect to see more clever work from Uniqlo.