Indonesian Education Attaché explores collaboration on campus
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Indonesian Education Attaché explores collaboration on campus

The Indonesian Education Attaché, Dr Aris Junaidi visited Macquarie University last week to speak with Indonesian students and explore collaborative opportunities with Macquarie.

Dr Junaidi spoke with a small group of Indonesian students to gauge an understanding of their experience on campus and in Australia. He also met with Macquarie International staff to discuss avenues to expand the relationship between the Indonesian government, universities and Australia.

“Part of my job as Education Attaché is to visit every university and inform my government on the opportunities available for Indonesian students there,” says Dr Junaidi. “This visit has been a great success – there are many opportunities for projects between Macquarie and the Indonesian Government.”

Dr Junaidi says Australia is a popular choice for Indonesian students when it comes to higher study. “Fifteen hundred Indonesians are awarded grants from the government to go overseas and study each year,” says Dr Junaidi. “Of that number, 250 Indonesian Masters and PhD students chose to study in Australia each year. This is because Australia is our neighbour and the universities here are world-class – it’s correct that Indonesian students chose to study here.”

Dr Junaidi says he was also surprised and impressed by the online study option offered at Macquarie. “I will be encouraging university staff in Indonesia to apply for online education. It will save time and be much cheaper, but the quality of the education is similar to being on the campus. That there are opportunities like this at Macquarie is good information for me to have.”

President of Indonesian student club ‘Building Influence Generation’, Randy Julius Kartadinata, says the visit was a great honour. “It’s very rare for the Embassy to visit like this. It’s very good to get updates and more knowledge on the issues affecting Indonesian students straight from the Indonesian Embassy,” he says. “It’s an honour to talk to them about being an Indonesian student in Australia.”