Government to visit the homes of red supporters
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Government to visit the homes of red supporters

Saritdet Marukatat in the Bangkok Post:

The names of the people who took part in the two-month rally are in the hands of the authorities. The list is divided into three groups: hardcore red shirt members, UDD members (especially those who went through the UDD school of politics) and those joining the rally without no agenda at all, including those who did so for purely financial reasons.

Their homes will be visited by the authorities to give them the other side of the Thaksin picture. But in reality the real question for them, even today, is why? Why was Thaksin forced out of power by non-parliamentary means.

BP: Surely, this is joke, no? Will they knock on the door like traveling salesman trying to sell their wares? Or will be more like missionaries proselyte door-to-door? And if you don’t let the government into your house and listen to their pitch, what happens?