Exclusive: Leaked emails suggest mutiny afoot within Sea Shepherd
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Exclusive: Leaked emails suggest mutiny afoot within Sea Shepherd

The ShadowLands does not have a lot of sympathy for the rampant dishonesty of the Sea Shepherd organisation, but we are feeling just a little for Pete Bethune, the dupe who was nearly killed on the Ady Gil and then foolishly sent to board a Japanese vessel, from whence he was arrested and sent to Japan to face charges.

Now we learn that Bethune has been hung out to dry by the organisation, who are claiming they had no idea that someone on his boat was firing arrows at the Japanese.

This, despite the fact that the video evidence has been clear as day since January when we first published it, and that it was all being filmed by Animal Planet.

Since then, the comments section of our story has slowly filled with material that clearly comes from Sea Shepherd insiders. These suggest that all is not well in the organisation and this is not the first time that Watson has failed to support Bethune, as in this email sent to Paul Watson:

I feel you just need to include him on as much as possible and communicate with him any concerns you have and set some boundaries that he can work within.
/>He is not doing this for himself, he is doing this for the whales and sscs and wants to leave a good impression and grow with the organisation… plus he also brings with him a heap of great ideas and contacts.
/>His heart I believe is in the right place, but we just need to guide him (not shut him out) as this is all very new to him and feel that he could become a great asset to sscs.

Another leaked email suggests that Sea Shepherd was using dangerous lasers. Now we wonder, what are the chances that Bethune will spill the beans on Watson once all of this is over?

Footnote: with Andrew Bolt a prominent exception, it is remarkable how few journalists picked up this story when the whaling shenanigans were on back in January. This almost complete lack of scrutiny of Sea Shepherd means we are still not fully satisfied with the question of whether or not the Ady Gil really sank.