Woman at the Top
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Woman at the Top

While the job market seems to get smaller by the day, there is a transition on the role of women on the market place.  The Economist magazine indicated that ‘women are gradually taking over the workplace’ and are ‘the majority of professional workers in several rich countries.’

However, there is a tendency of the female workforce concentrating in entry- or middle-level management positions rather than Top positions.  A report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) illustrated that women “remain scarce among the most senior positions” (The Corporate Gender Gap Report, 2010, p.6).  Of the 600 companies surveyed by the WEF across 20 countries, fewer than 5 per cent had women chief executives.   

Nevertheless, numerous studies demonstrated that women on top positions coincide with greater corporate performance at different levels.  For example, a recent study on 199 UK PLCs showed that ‘the presence of a female on corporate boards of directors is viewed positively in industry sectors that are highly proximate to final consumers, suggesting that reputational assessors perceive that female directors may contribute important resources that make boards so composed more effective in such circumstances’ (Brammer and Millington, 2009, p.26).  Thus, there is a direct link between corporate reputation and female presence at board level. Similar researches on the women’ role have also indicated that female directors improve the independence of the BoDs and also supply the BoDs with important resources.

Concluding, according to the FT (2008), ‘male dominance in the marketplace works like a cartel: it impedes proper functioning of the market by barring talented women from top jobs…However, isn’t it time we reaped all the fruits that women have to offer?’

by Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos
/>Professor Facilitator at U21Global Graduate School



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About Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos

Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos is a senior lecturer in International Management and Strategy at Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK. Previously, he was a lecturer in Strategic Management at Brunel in 2002-2007. In 1997-2002, Dr Koufopoulos taught Strategic Management at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK. In addition, he is a managing partner at Gnosis Management Consultants, a specialised consultancy with expertise in strategic decision-making, strategy development and corporate governance matters.

Dr Koufopoulos has also taught at the Hellenic Open University, the American College in Greece, ESCEM School of Business and Management, the American Intercontinental University and Middlesex University. His areas of specialisation are strategic planning systems and processes, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances, headquarters and subsidiary relationships, and top management groups. He has a PhD in Business Administration from Cardiff Business School, UK, where he also earned his MBA.

The postgraduate-level subjects that Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos teaches at U21Global include:

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