University of Western Australia (UWA) campus guide
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University of Western Australia (UWA) campus guide


1273050827-158  Established in 1911, the University of Western Australia (UWA) is a leading research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. A member of the Australian ‘Group of Eight’ research universities it is responsible for almost 70 percent of the university-based research and development in Western Australia. UWA is committed to the achievement of the highest quality research and scholarships by international students.

UWA’s beautiful campus is located by the Swan River, just five minutes from Perth city centre. There are five residential colleges on campus which provide a caring and secure environment for part of the 20,000 students enrolled at the University.

Student Life
/>The University is located in Australia’s fourth largest city along the south-west coast of the State of Western Australia (WA). Perth provides the perfect environment for a relaxed and healthy lifestyle while maintaining its status as a sophisticated and modern multicultural city. 

The UWA Student Guild is the heartbeat of campus life and arguably the most successful student society of any Australian university. The Guild is the centre of activity for clubs, societies, bands and a wide range of services such as catering, sporting activities, medical facilities and a second-hand bookshop. UWA students have over 50 student clubs to choose from that are run by the student Guild.

/>1273050884-80  Often described as one of Australia’s most picturesque campus, UWA’s distinctive mix of heritage architecture and contemporary buildings contain state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, lecture and performance theatres, tutorial spaces, studios and subject-specific laboratories. 

UWA offers a wide range of services that complement the university experience and contribute directly to the welfare and wellbeing of students. Services include pre-departure seminars; airport reception; a comprehensive orientation program that includes campus and city tours and advice on practical issues such as banking, shopping, transportation, accommodation and pre-enrolment information.

From its extensive art collection, museums, music and theatre venues to its wealth of sporting, cultural and social groups, the University meets the cultural and recreational needs of students in a balanced learning environment.

Academic Programs and Resources
/>UWA is the only university in Western Australian to belong to the prestigious Group of Eight, a collaboration of the top research universities in Australia.

UWA is one of the only two Australian universities to belong to the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) which is a partnership of 17 research-led universities from Europe, North America, North Asia and Australia. This alliance fosters and encourages collaboration between members, bringing together the experience, equipment and expertise necessary to tackle the big issues currently facing societies, governments, corporations and education.

UWA offers a broad and balanced coverage of disciplines in the arts, sciences, and major professions across the institution’s nine faculties. The University’s high quality teaching and research ensures its position as the university of choice for Western Australia’s highest achieving school leavers, as well as attracting high caliber undergraduate and postgraduate students from Australia and around the world.

The dual strengths of UWA’s research and research training also sets the University apart as one of Australia’s leading educational institutions. Responsible for almost 70 percent of the university-based research and development in Western Australia, the University is ranked third for research in Australia for its funding allocation, taking account of its size.

Faculty & Staff
/>1273050919-998  UWA is nationally recognized for the quality of its academic staff and has strong strategic partnerships with industry, the professions and government. It operates in collaboration with other universities of research excellence throughout Australian and internationally. 

UWA has 85 research and training centres with links into industry and government, both locally and nationally. The acknowledged strength of UWA’s research output makes the University appealing to researchers of international standing, many of whom head major research centres that have global links.

Together, the University’s high caliber researchers and graduate students are tackling some of the world’s most pressing international problems, from spinal cord injury repair to ensuring the stability of 100,000 tonne offshore oil or gas platforms. 

In October 2005 Professor Barry Marshall, a UWA graduate and researcher, and his colleague Emeritus Professor Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Professor Marshall continues his ground breaking research and runs a molecular biology laboratory at UWA.

Safety, Health & Wellness
/>1273050968-620  UWA offers a complete range of services and programs that support mind, body and soul. UWA services include personal and educational counseling as well as short courses in learning and research skills & academic and thesis writing. UWA’s Housing Service and Financial Aid provides information on accommodation options and advice on housing issues including helping students to understand leases, bonds, tenancy law and costs involved with establishing a household.

UWA’s Careers Centre assists with vocational counseling and long-term career planning as well as short-term, part-time and casual job applications. The University Medical Centre has on-campus medical staff that provides convenient, comprehensive and confidential medical care to students.

The University has a proud tradition of graduating students who excel in sports as well as in their studies. Many students have gone on to compete internationally in their chosen sport and some have completed at the Olympics. UWA Sports is the hub of extracurricular activity through over 40 different active fitness and lifestyle programs.

/>For more information about studying at the University of Western Australia, please click here