Abhisit’s short-sightedness
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Abhisit’s short-sightedness

The Nation:

The fact that the red-shirted protest is being labelled by the government as an anti-monarchy movement is an indicator that the ruling Democrat Party and Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva merely want to play a political game to disperse the protesters.

They are not, however, looking at the whole picture with a view to solving the country’s crisis.

The government is consistently campaigning on the monarchy issue against the anti-government group, and has urged coalition parties as well as provincial governors to help spread the word across the country.

Despite associating only with the ice-cream gang, Abhisit is no different from other members of the party. He is treating the situation as a game that he will likely eventually win. He endorsed the release early this week by the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation of the anti-monarchy network’s plans, in order to smear many people – including academics with no connection to the red shirts. The tactic is aimed at painting the red-shirt group as a national security threat, rather than a normal political movement.

BP: In some ways, it seems strange that the government would resort to this, but the PAD used the same idea for so long and the Democrats are just doing this to try to pacify the PAD. Not so sure the Democrats will be able to use this to crackdown, but they can use it divert attention away in the eyes of PAD supporters and many Democrats from their inability to deal with the political situation.