The Pursuit of Knowledge
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The Pursuit of Knowledge

Why do students seek a university education these days? Are there any that go to University simply for the love of learning and pursuit of knowledge? To study simply because they have an interest in something and they want to delve more deeply into it? Is it a privilege to be able to do this?

Why do we ask small children what they want to be when they grow up? Such an unfair question when the possibilities are often limitless? Do they have to be restricted to one course of study or one career? Do we find one area and stick to it?

Universities were originally places to pursue knowledge, discuss ideas, and make discoveries. It is not only about having the ability to be a successful student but having the inspiration to learn.

One of the most attractive features of studying at Murdoch University is the flexibility of the degree courses. We offer over 80 undergraduate degree courses, and the option of picking and mixing your options to create a course that really suits your aspirations. The beauty of this is students can pursue study which will lead to a secure career, as well as, study which inspires their personal growth. Let’s face it sometimes these two things can be very different. To look at it another way- could anyone be as passionate about accounting as they may be about literature?

Bibiana Venosa

Murdoch University Graduate

Currently- Murdoch University Liaison Officer- International