Hospitality Training Association, Australia
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Hospitality Training Association, Australia

1269961859-216  The Hospitality Training Association Inc (HTA) has been serving the needs of the Hospitality industry for over twenty years.

HTA brings together the combined experience and knowledge of the five major associations that are the driving force behind the tourism and hospitality industries in Queensland, Australia:

  • Hotel Motel & Accommodation Association
  • Clubs Queensland
  • Restaurant & Catering Association of Queensland
  • Liquor, Hospitality & Miscellaneous Union
  • Queensland Hotels Association

Developed to support these associations with specialised training in each of their areas of discipline and expertise, HTA has assisted thousands of young people establish careers
/> in hospitality and tourism.

Through the provision of short courses, Certificates and Diploma qualifications, HTA College provides nationally and internationally recognised training in all facets of tourism and hospitality.

1269961981-864  Situated close to the city-centre in Fortitude Valley, HTA’s training facilities include: three commercial kitchens , pastry lab, two restaurants, a cocktail/lounge bar and multimedia equipped training rooms

The vision of Dick McGuire, a renowned hotelier in Queensland, was to provide a legacy for the future training of young people who worked within the hospitality industry. With this vision in mind, he successfully brought together the above key industry organisations and in 1982 formed The Hospitality Training Association Inc. (HTA).

Established as an incorporated “not-for-profit” association, HTA’s original charter was to take on the indentureship of Cookery Apprentices and to place them in Industry through a network of employers.

1269962075-552  In 1991, HTA was awarded a grant from the Australian National Training Authority to set up a private training facility to be known as Hospitality Training Association Inc. College. It was established through combined funding from both State & Federal Governments and Industry.

HTA has never lost sight of its origin and even today the Board of Directors are made up of the same organisations that helped found HTA. The training we provide is therefore industry relevant and up-to-date.

HTA was the first Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accredited to deliver Apprenticeship training and is now the largest employer of Apprentice cooks and baker pastry cooks in Queensland.

Today HTA looks to the future. We now live in a global community where eastern culture meets Western culture. Because of these styles and flavours, Australia is able to provide a truly unique learning and working experience.