Cornell Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Singapore
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Cornell Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Singapore


1269961056-452  The Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management is an alliance between Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and the Nanyang Technological University’s Business School. This alliance brings together the world’s leading hotel management school and one of Asia’s elite business schools. 

The Cornell-Nanyang Institute aims to develop leaders, managers and entrepreneurs for the Asian hospitality and tourism industry; build a world-class institution for the creation, translation and dissemination of knowledge to the hospitality and tourism industry in Asia; and deliver high-quality hospitality education and research.


There are three main different levels of education: The General Mangers Program, Professional Development Program and the Masters of Management in Hospitality Program. The institute is poised to become Asia’s premier source of hospitality education and research, offering an array of qualifications, from short course to masters’ degrees in a variety of areas.

·      Finance and Accounting

·      Competitive Strategies and Management

·      Human Resources

·      Hospitality Management

·      Product and pricing

·      Marketing

·      Real Estate and Investment

1269961387-578   The Singapore campus is strategically located in the heart of one of the hospitality industry’s most exciting and fastest growing areas in the world. The beautiful Yunnan Garden main campus is nestled in the south-western part of the country some 25km from the city centre. The 745-acre Cornell campus sits on a hilltop bracketed by wooded trails and gorges with their enclosed creeks, overlooking the city of Ithaca and Cayuga Lake. Beautiful surroundings, interesting culture and state of the art learning facilities make this a great school to study at.


In 2009 there were 63 students in the graduating class of the Master of Management Degree, these students were from 17 countries, their average age was 27 and average hospitality work experience was 3 years.

 The MMH students come from a variety of backgrounds and undergraduate majors, including: accounting, business, economics, engineering, finance, history, law, medicine, philosophy, and real estate. They have had work experiences ranging from running restaurants, to directing conference centres and designing health spas, from managing a lodging operation on an Army base to working in a family enterprise. This variety of students makes for an exciting and interesting learning environment.