The tale of an international student’s experience in Perth
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The tale of an international student’s experience in Perth




These were the feelings I had when I first arrived in Perth, Western Australia, as a student, in cold winter weather some years back. I had never left my family before, and as I was in a foreign land for the first time all by myself, these feelings were inevitable. But everything changed within a day, and my experience from then on has been nothing but amazing.

My name is Fozzil, I am from Singapore and I first came to Perth as an international student. I have since graduated from my Bachelor of Business and Master of Management Information System degrees, and I have taken up permanent residency, to continue living and working in the beautiful city of Perth. What I experienced above when I first arrived is very normal for any students who move to a new environment to continue their education. But for many of these students who come to Perth, their fear and anxiety are quickly diffused. This is due to the warm and friendly people in Perth, and a great lifestyle that this city has to offer.

Perth is probably the most culturally diverse city in Australia, with more than 140 nationalities living, working and studying in the city, speaking over 170 languages and practicing over 100 religions. International students in Perth are a vibrant mix from Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.  Living in such a highly diverse city has benefits, as people become very culturally receptive and appreciate one another’s cultural practices. Regardless where you are from, you always feel welcomed and respected. Getting friendly greetings from strangers while waiting for the bus, running around the park, or sitting at a cafe are a norm and certainly part of the lifestyle here.

The other thing I like about this city is the weather. It offers a Mediterranean climate with perfect blue skies in summer.  The temperatures average at 30 – 33 degrees in summer and 5 – 15 degrees in winter, which are quite manageable. One of the things I look forward to in summer, other than dressing down to my shorts to hit the beautiful beaches, is the festivals. Summertime is the perfect backdrop for festival and fun. There are heaps of local and international music and arts festivals that take place from December right through to April. Being a music lover, I always look forward to attending some of these festivals to catch my favourite singers and bands.  Best of all, some of the outdoor festivals are even FREE!! So if you are going to be in Perth during this period, make sure you pencil some of these festivals on your calendar, and you will realise that Perth is definitely not a ‘boring’ place, in fact it is one of the most ideal places that offers a balance between studying and an active social lifestyle. Check out some of these events in Perth.

See you soon!!!!