The cost of the scam devices
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The cost of the scam devices

Matichon has an article with the following information provided to Matichon by Deputy PM Suthep:

Month/Year Agency Type No. Distributor Unit Price Total
Jun 2006 Air Force GT200 4 Avia Satcom No information No information
Feb 2009 Army GT200 222 Avia Satcom 900,000 199,800,000
Mar 2009 ONCB/Narcotics Alpha 6 10  ป.จำกัดเปโตกรุงเทพ 663,400 6,634,000
Apr 2009  ปช.ภ.4 GT200 50 Avia Satcom 1,000,000 50,000,000
Jun 2009 Customs GT200 6 Avia Satcom 426,000 2,560,000
Jul 2009 Chainat Province GT200 1 Avia Satcom 550,000 550,000
Aug 2009 Interior Ministry Alpha 6 479  ป.จำกัดเปโตกรุงเทพ 720,000 344,880,000

The article also notes that the GT200 purchased from Avia Satcom by the army for use in the Deep South was purchased throughout 2009 and there are 535 GT200 devices costing between 900,000-1,200-000 Baht each (the higher price is for those with the detection cards). Therefore, you can approximate another 535 million baht to the total amount spent.

BP: The month/year indicated seems to be purchase/delivery date, but it could have been budgeted before that – most previous news articles referr to the 535 GT200 devices being funded from the ISOC budget in 2007.

btw, notice the “reverse bulk discount effect”. Buy one or a few for 400,000-500,000 Baht each, but buy a couple hundred of more and the unit price shoots up to 1 million Baht. If they could sell devices to Customs at 426,000 Baht, imagine what the cut would be on the 535 sold to the military.