Thank you Khaw Boon Wan
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Thank you Khaw Boon Wan

The people of Singapore must stand up and say a very big thank you to Khaw Boon Wan. Boon Wan has been working tirelessly to plan for the well being of the people. He has planned for the people to have a big sum of money to pay for their expensive hospital bills. This now stands at about $30k per head in the Medisave Fund.


Now he is planning for the people to have more money to pay for good long term care services and to live peacefully, with a lot of money till 90 or 100 years old. The people better be grateful, be very grateful to Boon Wan for working so hard, planning the lives of people from cradle to the grave. And many will still have a lot of money unspent when they are in their graves, money stuck in the Medisave, unused.


I too will be very grateful if he is planning with the govt’s money and not my money. I will be very grateful if he says the govt is setting aside a big sum of money to provide healthcare and nursing home services to the people. Somehow I don’t think it is right or funny for the govt to plan for my life and dictate how much it should take from my savings for doing that. I may not be a supertalent, but I know that when people have designs on my money and take my money from me, it is wrong.


While I would like to thank Boon Wan for his kindness, compassion and passion to want to look after the people, I would want to tell him to take a break. Let the people take care of themselves for their old age. The govt has done too much already. Most of the people also have made their own plans and need not want to trouble the govt or Boon Wan too much.


Have a Kit Kat. Let the people think of how best to spend their own money. The people are not stupid. I hope the MPs have balls to say no to Boon Wan’s plan to raise the contribution of Medisave to 9%. I hope the MPs know that it is time for them to speak up for the people who voted them to Parliament and not to make decisions against the wishes of their voters.


And thank you once again Boon Wan. You are all kindness. Please give yourself a pat on the back and a break. You deserve it.