How did Dr. Pornthip detect explosive residue on Rohingya boat?
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How did Dr. Pornthip detect explosive residue on Rohingya boat?

Back in 2009 when the Rohingya were pushed back to sea, forensic scientist Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunan was wheeled out and linked the Rohingya to the insurgency in the Deep South, providing cover for the military to detain them as a threat to national security. Al Jazeera:

But according to a leading Thai forensics expert, “explosives residue” was found on one of the Rohingya boats that landed on Thailand’s Andaman coast in December.

Dr Porntip Rojanasunan, a forensic pathologist working for the ministry of justice, was asked by the Thai military to examine the contents of some of the boats, specifically to examine whether the refugees may be linked to fighters in the south, and if they held any objects that may be a “security threat”.


“There were substances and chemicals found that can be used in explosives … there was actually quite a significant level,” she told Al Jazeera.

Asked whether the traces could be directly linked to the separatist movement in the south, she said: “I can only give the authorities what my results of the tests were.”

BP: No details are provided on what techonology was used by Pornthip to detect explosive residue, but given she is one of the ardent supporters of the GT200 device* and was using the GT200 device just a few months before to confirm whether there was explosive residue at another event, shouldn’t we wonder whether the GT200 device was used here? Aside from the GT200 device was there are any other confirmation of explosive residue?

*See these two videos of her being interviewed defending the GT200 device here and here.

h/t to someone who wants to remain anonymous.