America losing face!
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America losing face!

The Obama administration is losing face lately when China is taking the initiative in world affairs, from the financial crisis to saving the earth in Copenhagen. They are feeling slighted for being left out and the rest of the world not looking to it for leadership. Ha, Americans also think of face saving!

So now what? Sell arms to Taiwan, meet with Dalai Lama, threaten China with Google pullout? And trying to agitate China to a confrontation over trade? Washington and all the hawks are calling for war, to show China who is number one.

China should just stand firm and don’t cooperate if pushed too far. Kill the Iran sanction and see what the US does then. Let the Americans and its European allies take on the Muslim world alone.

The playing field is now more level and the rest of the world is looking for a new leadership that is less aggressive, less belligerent, less war mongering and less bullying. China should stand up to the American threats and bullying and show to the world that military might and war no longer work.

Stand up China, for the sake of the rest of the world.