TAT Looks To Social Media Marketing
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TAT Looks To Social Media Marketing

New Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) governor Surahon Svetasreni has pledged to use social media to help boost Thailand’s reputation and increase visitor numbers in the country.

The new governor is far keener to use social media and e-tools to enhance the attraction of the kingdom abroad.

“We are reshaping our web tools to integrate new media such as Twitter or Facebook. We want travelers to Thailand to be more actively involved into the shaping of our web content by updating our site with their own experiences and advices,” said Mr. Svetasreni.

Social media is also a way to make TAT promotion more effective despite a limited growth in the agency budget.

“Our total budget is up by 1.9 percent to US$138 million for 2010. However, half of the money is affected to administration purposes, which requests us to be even more effective in our marketing expenses,” added TAT’s new governor.

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As disclosed earlier this week recent tweets from Paula Abdul and Martha Stewart, two celebrities who celebrated the New Year in Thailand, reached a combined audience in excess off 3 million showing just a glimpse of the potential social media has for TAT and Thailand ‘The Holiday Destination’.

TAT is not unfamiliar with the social media after using a combination of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as part of Ultimate Thailand Explorer, a competition which began back in September with winners due to be announced tomorrow, Friday 8 January.

Overview of the competition below.

The Ultimate Thailand Explorer, a social-networking competition from TAT, aims to raise Thailand tourism by attracting people to join the competition and have them publicize Thailand’s top five destinations including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui through digital world.

The winning couple of the Ultimate Thailand Explorer, selected by a process of online voting, will win a cash reward of US$10,000, a holiday package to Thailand, a Blackberry and a Handycam video camera. Plus, the voters are also eligible to win a holiday package to Thailand worth US$1,500, a spa voucher, a Blackberry, and a handycam video camera.

Interested challengers have to apply as a pair and film a one minute video clip telling which destination you wish to explore, why you want to go there, and how will you promote the place to other visitors. Afterwards just upload your video onto Youtube.com, you must complete your team profile registration form and encourage people to vote for your team and share their Thailand experience and stories through social media tools.

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