They might even run on time
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They might even run on time

Whatever else you might say about the Chinese government, you’ve got to give them credit for recognising the importance of building new rail infrastructure:

The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway with the world’s fastest train journey at a 350-km-per-hour designed speed, started operation Saturday.

The service between Wuhan, a metropolis in central China, and Guangzhou City, a business hub in the southern Guangdong Province, was put into trial operation on Dec. 9, reaching a maximum speed of 394.2 km per hour.   

The airlines claim not to be worried – “In the long run, the coming of high-speed railway age is rather an opportunity than challenge to our airline company”, said the president of China Southern Airlines – but you’d have to see this sort of technology as a positive step towards reducing our dependence on air travel.

Pity the Australian government hasn’t the imagination or courage to plan anything similar.