The Copenhagen Climate Summit Quiz
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The Copenhagen Climate Summit Quiz

How much do you know about the Copenhagen Climate Summit? Looks like quiz time!

1. Copenhagen’s largest limousine company usually has 12 cars available. How many are available during the Summit to Save the World?

a)      Are you kidding? None, of course.

b)      Still just 12.

c)      50, but they are all hybrids.

d)      200.

2. Copenhagen airport says it is expecting how many extra private jets during the Summit?:

a)      140.

b)      None.

c)      Only two. Air Force One and a conveyance carrying Al Gore.

d)      12.

3. Anyone with a climate conference delegate’s pass is entitled to:

a)      Free public transport around Copenhagen.

b)      Free organic vegetables from communal Copenhagen gardens.

c)      A free worm farming kit.

d)      Free sex from 1,400 members of the Danish sex workers’ union.

4.  The Danish Government is providing protesters at the Summit with:

a)      Swimming pools, a bowling alley and climbing wall.

b)      A warning to stay away.

c)      Extremely tight surveillance.

d)      A warning that they will be tasered if they get anywhere near the conference.

5. The Conference will cause how much carbon dioxide to be emitted into the air?:

a)      None.

b)      41,000 tonnes.

c)      Less than none, thanks to the sale of carbon offsets

d)      500 tonnes

6. Only this would come close to offsetting carbon emissions from the Copenhagen Summit:

a)      Each delegate using their free worm kit for a year.

b)      Taking 1,000 cars off the road for a year.

c)      Using a single extra tonne of uranium for power generation.

d)      Growing a hectare of plantation forest .

7. Before the Copenhagen Conference even commenced, most participants agreed that it will:

a)      Save the world.

b)      Lead to significantly reduced carbon emissions.

c)      Lead to binding agreements that will have a significant effect.

d)      Fail to reach agreement, but provide an interim statement of intent.

8.  Many leaders are promising to make very significant reductions in carbon emissions by:

a)      the time they are dead.

b)      measures already undertaken. Huge cuts have already been made.

c)      2012.

d)      next year.

9. Amongst the top experts gathering in Copenhagen are:

a)      Leonardo DiCaprio.

b)      Daryl Hannah.

c)      Helena Christensen.

d)      Prince Charles.

e)      All of the above.

10. Of all the limousines in Copenhagen for the Summit, how many are hybrids?:

a)      Five.

b)      More than 1,000.

c)      Between 500 and 1,000.

d)      All of them.

(Answers sourced from here: and question 6 from here)


Answers (of course):  d a d a b c d d e a

0-3: Your knowledge of climate science appears to be deficient. No caviar for you.

4-6: Your knowledge of what’s going on in climate science is not bad. Try and keep up.

7-10: Well done! Maybe you are already in Copenhagen – am I right?