Our predictions for 2010
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Our predictions for 2010

  • More of the same. Dozens more asylum seekers to drown and Kevin Rudd’s apologists to pretend that this is not related to his soft immigration policies.
  • Polls to show a continued collapse in the number of believers in anthropogenic global warming.
  • Brave Iranian activists to disappear. Obama to express his disapproval in magnificent speeches and offer no material support whatsoever.
  • Israel to take a pop at Iran’s nuke facilities, since Obama doesn’t.have the ‘nads.
  • The tide to turn on support for Australia’s Rudd Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme and its If You Make It, You Can Stay immigration policy.
  • Sensing the change, Rudd to call an early election before the loss of support becomes terminal.
  • Abbott to perform better than the doomsayers predict, but still well short of victory. He will be damaged by a failure to distance himself from WorkChoices.
  • The drug overdose death of an Australian rock star – I have two potential candidates in mind, just not saying who…
  • China to continue its economic surge in 2010 but an over-regulated economy to eventually bring it, and the rest of us undone.
  • India’s economy to go gangbusters and Indonesia to continue strongly as an emerging economy.
  • Better than expected economic recovery in the United States.
  • Damaging inquiries and revelations into ClimateGate to continue, CRU Director Phil Jones to be sacrificed, but the whole charade to go on as before.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released in April to demonstrate that reports of increased union membership are bullshit.
  • 2009 premiers of various codes unable to repeat due to horror injury run.
  • A continuation of rugby league’s Partner Proximity Problem.
  • The AFL to continue to poach rugby league players and splash money around as part of an ultimately disastrous attempt to expand the code in 2011.  
  • Ice to break five days later than it did in 2009 at the Nenana Ice Classic.
  • More ice to cover the Arctic during the 2010 summer peak, just like the last few years.
  • Climate meeting at Bonn to be Last Chance to Save the World.
  • Steve Smith to emerge as a new Australian cricket star and eventually, the world’s best all-rounder.
  • This cool young Australian band, Cloud Control, to get famous. Check them out.

Got any daring predictions, dear readers? Now would be the time to put ’em in comments.