Anti-English Spectrum in Canadian media
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Anti-English Spectrum in Canadian media

With a hat tip to reader Kevin R., CBC Radio recently broadcast a report looking at the effect Anti-English Spectrum has had on Canadians teaching English in Korea. To listen to it, follow this link and scroll down a bit. The broadcast comes not long after Canadian wire service put out its own report on the group:

A group in Korea is taking aim at Canadians and other foreigners teaching English in the country, claiming a high percentage of them have no morals, abuse drugs, rape Korean girls, molest children and spread AIDS.

Robert Brydon, a former Port Moody, B.C., resident who is married to a Korean and has taught in the country since 2005, said he’s been stunned by the rhetoric coming from the Anti-English Spectrum Group that targets the 2,000 foreign English teachers in the country.

“I think a lot of Canadians do come to Korea and don’t have any idea about the level of influence this group has in Korea,” Mr. Brydon, 33, said in a phone interview.

And there isn’t much the teachers can do about it: The claims aren’t being challenged by the Korean government.

John Wurth of the Association for Teachers of English in Korea said members of the anti-English group will stalk foreign teachers for up to four months, hoping to catch them doing something illegal and have them deported.

The group has also been flouting manufactured statistics that suggest 80% of foreign teachers have HIV, he said. The group’s members recently started making death threats to teachers; he said he went to the police earlier this week to report a threat.