A year in the ShadowLands
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A year in the ShadowLands

Another year over, and what have we done? Probably spent way too much time arsing about on the computer, by the looks of things.

We started off by correctly predicting both the name of the Australian of the Year and the contribution that he was likely to make.

We followed up with Obama’s inaugural speech the way it should have been, and noted the curious ways that members of Hamas take kids for ice creams

Following the Victorian bushfires we discovered a tragic tale of how greenie airheads may have contributed to the deaths of dozens of people and destruction of huge swathes of the state. We also noted that some readers of one particular forum were being told not to give blood. (The links have since been shut down but the text remains in this post as it was published.)

We noted the rise of the anti-Bonos and followed Australia’s internet wars.

We discovered that literal videos are a total hoot and provided our own little public service announcements.

We did our best to attract the attention of Kevin Rudd and collected some quotes from one of the worst speeches ever made by an Australian Prime Minister. Shortly after this speech, former PM Bob Hawke came out and advised him not to write his own speeches.   

We followed the latest frost-bitten travels of some Arctic dickheads and put together a handy guide for westerners of how not to offend Muslims. We noted the Sydney Morning Herald’s harsh assessment of Kevin and noted what it takes for people not to care about asylum seekers. Many more have since drowned because of the ALP’s soft policies, and many more are likely to to drown in 2010.

We updated readers on the dire situation for Bhutanese table tennis and discovered that Free Willy may have been eaten by Norwegians.

We noted the shenanigans at a forum on blogging at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Our Public Policy Unit continued to be a powerful force for change.

We contributed to a special climate change forum, and published a touching eulogy for Michael Jackson.

We followed the money trail of ABC television’s Tony Jones.

One of our most prophetic posts was this one in July which foretold the breaking of the ClimateGate story about four months later.

Our economic forecasts continued to be remarkably good and we beat the women’s magazines by getting exclusive pictures from the David Hicks’ wedding.

We discussed the dramatic discovery of seaweed found floating in the ocean by Western Australia’s Greens.

We identified rugby league’s Partner Proximity Problem and announced the make-up of the Worst XIII.

We uncovered the sad truth about nations that eat their national symbols and blew the whole argument about the “push factor” out of the water.

We asked the question: is Queensland funding the propaganda unit of the Kim Jong il? No response is yet forthcoming from the Queensland Art Gallery Propaganda Unit, but we will be following it up in the new year.