Welcome to the Philippines, Maria Ozawa and Tia Tanaka!
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Welcome to the Philippines, Maria Ozawa and Tia Tanaka!

Since Maria Ozawa seems to be too hot for a country like Indonesia, I have taken it upon myself as a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines and with the blessings of my government, to formally welcome Maria Ozawa and Tia Tanaka to the Philippines.

Why? Because I want to give all pseudo-moralists in this country a heart attack and my bet is that this will include a good number of senators, congressmen and other government officials. Nope, it ain’t going to be a massive kill-off.

Apparently in Indonesia, the mere sight of a fully clothed Japanese porn star is enough to destroy the moral fabric of their society. Maria Ozawa’s cancellation of her visit to Indonesia after religious groups expressed their outrage.

In a news item that caught my eye on Asian Correspondent, it was said that:

(the) Indonesian Ullema Council, a board of Muslim clerics, which has consistently opposed Ozawa’s visit over fears it will damage the country’s image. “Come or not, we continue to reject her,” said Ma’ruf Amin, a prominent member of the council, known by its Indonesian acronym MUI. “We will continue to reject her even if she will not be nude.”

As it is right now, I think Indonesia doesn’t have a very good image. Forgive me for saying this, but the last thing I can remember about Indonesia is the Bali bombing. In my unusual way of figuring things, this kinda gives me the impression that to the Ullema Council, sex is more dangerous than violence.

I don’t think the Philippines would fare better with respect to bigotry and hypocrisy, especially with regard to pornography, gambling, illegal drugs or other acts that are considered immoral.

If you want to see what I am talking about, just let it be known that some group has invited the likes of Maria Ozawa and Tia Tanaka to star in some teledrama or movie here in the Philippines. We don’t have ulema here, but we do have a council of Roman Cahtolic bishops that issues pronouncements that our politicians heed – despite the provision in our Constitution that guarantees the separation of Church and State.

Recently, the Commission on Elections said that it could not allow Ang Ladlad to be recognized as a party-list organization because homosexuality was immoral on the grounds that both Christianity and Islam found it to be against the laws of God.

I think homosexuality, from a purely biological standpoint, is an aberration as it does not fulfill the main purpose of sex which is procreation. Granted that certain animals engage in homosexual sex, male-to-male sex or female-to-female sex is not the norm for most species – otherwise, if it were the case, that species would have been eliminated by the process of natural selection.

Politically, based on what I know about political gay movements, all their advocacy really boils down to is discrimination in the form of being barred from employment and marriage. There are groups that support such things like the Reproductive Health bill, i.e., safe sex. But this seems to be another issue altogether, though it may look like it is related – Reproductive Health should be centered on reproduction and homosexuals DO NOT REPRODUCE. They ought to file another bill called the SAFE SEX BILL or a subsidize my sexual preferences bill, and BE STRAIGHTFORWARD ABOUT IT.

Anyway, if and when Maria Ozawa or Tia Tanaka decide to pay a visit to the Philippines, we can expect the likes of Senator Jamby Madrigal and Senator Bong Revilla to oppose it quite loudly. Then, after the cameras are turned off and everybody loses interest in it, we can expect whatever hearing they started to just die silently and not lead to any committee report or any sustained, consistent action.