Philippines Massacre
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Philippines Massacre

Gunmen in the Philippines have ambushed a caravan of political supporters and journalists on their way to file election papers, killing at least 24

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines said10 local reporters were part of Monday’s convoy although there may have been more. If confirmed, it would be the largest single massacre of journalists ever.

The convoy of 40 people was going to register this man, Ismael Mangudadatu, to run for provincial governor, when they were stopped by some 100 gunmen and taken to a remote mountainous area and shot.

21 bodies were found, including those of Mangudadatu’s wife, Genalyn, and his two sisters. Mangudadatu is deputy mayor of the town of Buluan and a fierce political rival of the current governor of the province.

The identity of the attackers was unclear, but the military said it believed the motive for the attack was political.