Indonesia maid jailed for poisoning Malaysian boss
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Indonesia maid jailed for poisoning Malaysian boss

A court has sentenced an Indonesian maid to six years in jail for trying to kill her employer in Malaysia by poisoning her coffee and soup, a lawyer said Tuesday.

Maid Nurhayati Ahmad, 22, pleaded guilty in the court in eastern Pahang state Monday to attempted murder, said her lawyer, Mohamad Fadly Hashim.

He said the maid, from the Indonesian island of Lombok, added herbicide to the drink and food of her female employer, Jaharah Daud, in July last year. She had told him she could no longer stand the scolding after a month of working there, he said.

Mohamad Fadly said Jaharah, aged 77, was hospitalized after drinking the poisoned coffee but has recovered. Attempted murder carries a maximum 10 years in prison, or more if hurt is caused.

Some 300,000 Indonesian women work as maids in Malaysia.

It is rare for maids to hurt their employers. But maids frequently complain of mistreatment, overwork and unpaid salaries, causing Indonesia to stop sending domestic workers to Malaysia in June. Malaysia has since pledged to ensure greater protection for maids.

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