South Korean cult leader hit by new judgment
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South Korean cult leader hit by new judgment

This article, sent in by reader Peter D., is a follow-up to the cult leader’s legal troubles last year.

On the 16th Judge Kim Seung-jeong of the Seoul Western District Courts Third Civil Division ruled in favor of Ms. A, a female follower of the Jesus Morningstar organization, in part of her lawsuit against church founder, 64-year old Jeong Myeong-suk, for sexually assaulting her. The judge wrote, “the defendant shall pay W50 million ($43,400).”

In his opinion the judge wrote, “the plaintiff’s right to bodily integrity was violated and she suffered psychological pain as a result of the sexual violence of defendant… The defendant is obligated to compensated plaintiff for her pain.”

Mr. Jeong was arrested and indicted on charges of sexually assaulting four female Korean followers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China from 2003 to 2006 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and one of the sexually assaulted followers, Ms. A, filed a lawsuit against him seeking compensation of W100 million.